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Our Story

A Short History

Angelo Vangelatos arrived in Ann Arbor from Greece in 1951. He married Patricia Verames in 1954. It took them two years to scrape together the money to open Angelo's.

Business grew over the years, and by the 1970s, the family had to hire outside help to keep up with customer demand.

Angelo and Pat retired in 1986. Their son Steve, and his wife Jennifer took over the business. Angelo passed away in the fall of 1989. In 1990 the restaurant was remodeled. They built a new kitchen and added seating. Three years later, they opened Angelo's On The Side, a coffee house with a separate kitchen for take-out. Business kept growing and by 1995 they added a bakery to connect the two restaurants in order to handle the demand for fresh bread baked daily.

Steve and a dedicated staff carry on Angelo's legacy of raisin toast, fresh eggs, crisp bacon, and lines that stretch around the corner.